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What other scenario for the WEB3?

1. The success of the social networks - WEB2, has generated a hot discussion about essence of the WEB3. There are a lot of projects what claim the status of “WEB3 projects”, but  the Silicon Valley community associate this name with semantic networks.

2. The basic phenomenon what  has defined rapid development of  WEB2 networks, is  a social phenomenon, not the technological one. Therefore, alongside with the technocratic scenario, the humanistic scenario must be considered.  The last scenario assumes total users control on the created by users content as well as on the created by users segments of network.

3. The qualitative leap from the WEB1 to the WEB2 have been initiated by the change of relations in the dyad Individual (user)- Information (content). Dynamics of these changes can be described by sequence “The Consumer of a Content (WEB1) àThe Creator of a Content (WEB2)”

 4. From the current dynamics of a network development, can be assumed, what the next qualitative leap happens then relations in the above mentioned dyad changes again, and the Individual (User) change the status from the Creator of information (WEB2) to the Co-owner of information (WEB3), so it gives the sequence “The Consumer of a Content (WEB1) àThe Creator of a Content (WEB2)-> The Co-owner of content(WEB3).

The formula for the networks of new generation can be written as:

3W3=3C (Connect Content Co-ownership)

 5. The development of WEB3 is objectively predetermined by necessity  in elimination of internal contradictions in the dyad User-Content, including the problem of users control over the content what they creates , as well as over the profit what generated by that content.

6. The   above described hypothesis can be considered as a unique phenomenon of worldwide cooperation among the user communities.